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Saturday, April 1, 2017

New video on the Patreon Page!

As I was working on this new video for the front page at patreon.com/singerreise, Singerreise got two new patrons! Thanks for all the support!
We can always use more patrons, so I'm deputizing all of you to be Singerreise evangelists. Help spread the word!

My focus has been on increasing Patreon involvement for the last couple weeks, and making a new video for the front page is part of that. this one is much shorter! 

Later this afternoon I should have another video up as a thank you to those that are already patrons. (But I'll do yet another "musical" thank you video with just a couple more patrons!) And hopefully, a new Singerreise episode will air talking about yet another campaign for Patreon.

Once that campaign is underway, I'll be focusing again on actual content (and my opera load will have temporarily lifted). So there'll be more of Winterreise, plus some Don Giovanni clips, bonus stuff for patrons, merchandise, participation videos, interviews, and more, just around the corner!

The "old" intro video from December 18, 2017, is still available here: https://youtu.be/quaMv_ShRXY

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