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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Deep River at Patreon

Patrons just got treated to a new audio file of me singing Deep River with Sarah accompanying. This is part of the upcoming episode, targeted for Friday. If you want to have an early listen yourself (and then download the file and put it on your smartphone to show off to your friends), all it takes is $7 at patreon.com/singerreise! And there's more coming.

Anyway, I took a listen to the recording today - I got all my bars lined up in the right place, all of my levels set in Audacity, and let it run.

It brought me to tears.

I was there, mind you, while it was being recorded. I had already done take after take after take. Sarah and I had to restart every time a truck rolled by on our street, and every time a plane flew overhead (we seem to live under a flightpath to the airport now). Even pedestrians chatting on the sidewalk.

If there wasn't any of that, there's the issue of performing without any gaffs. I'd done the Harry Burleigh arrangement so many times that I kept doing the old rhythm in a couple spots instead of the rhythm that was written in this Moses Hogan arrangement.

Sarah, of course, was mostly perfect every time. Sometimes, though, the character that we brought to it was all wrong.

But then we got it. And I didn't know what I had done until I put on my headphones just now and listened.

This is a $7+ perk. Thanks to all you patrons who abided all my videos and articles about taxes while Sarah and I scrambled to find time to do some music together again.

A video version will be coming up in the next couple hours, again for $7+ patrons.

The intro/talk wound up being about spirituals in general as much as it was about Deep River, and I seem to have had a lot to say. That's the official Singerreise Podcast Episode 45, and I'll be released to the public hopefully by Friday, along with the accompanying article at Singerreise.com.

I'm posting snippets of that article on the facebook page: facebook.com/singerreise. So if you haven't "liked" that page, please do so! And if you have, by all means, "like" the posts you like, and "share" them on your own timeline.

Be my cheerleaders: first because you like what I produce, and second, because it helps boost Singerreise's presence in facebook's algorithms. There's over 175 people that have "liked" Singerreise's page, but only about 10% or less of them ever see what is posted there. The more activity there is on the page, the more this content will get out to those people who want to see it.

$3+ patrons, as usual, will have access to the whine-free version of Episode 44 on Patreon.

Next week is the start of Madama Butterfly rehearsals at Seattle Opera (meaning, my time is no longer my own, again), but that is also the target to restart Winterreise videos. The music for Die Post is already filmed, and over the next few days I'll be writing and filming the intro for it as well.

So it's good to be back into making music for you all! And head to Patreon to get these bonus files!

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