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Thursday, July 13, 2017

End of the 99 Reasons campaign

Perhaps 99 wasn't enough?

Today marks the final day of the 99 Reasons campaign. To be honest, I thought it would garner more attention, more viewership, and, of course, more patrons. None of that seems to have happened, at least, not significantly so, and thus this becomes a learning experience.

Still though, these little video shorts were pretty darn fun! I learned a ton about video editing through them, and got to show a goofier side than is usually allowed through my professional demeanor. I highly recommend starting these from the beginning and just letting them cycle through.

Each of these reasons are in miniature - mere hints at some larger issue. (They needed to be tweetable.) When I reposted them to my own timeline, I often would get into the issue or the reward that was behind it.

All 99 videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh5h-IgfqC-XxVhMNJYaskedtcmnY0kyv

And of course, if I have inspired you through my efforts these last 99 days, posting a new video, facebook post, and tweet EVERY DAY at 9:40am for 99 days straight (even while on vacation in Asia!), then please, PLEASE reward my efforts by supporting Singerreise at patreon.com/singerreise.

Here's my list:
1. You love Singerreise. Almost as much as I do.
2. I love Singerreise. And you like me.
3. It isn't politics.
4. You just want to cut to the singing and skip the talky bits.
5. You want dibs on concert tickets.
6. You want to see Singerreise last for many years to come.
7. Arts can't rely on government anymore. (Not that they ever could.)
8. That feel-good feeling you get when you support the arts.
9. To fix lighting issues in the videos.
10. To make videos easier to make (thus making more videos).
11. To make the videos you watch look and sound better.
12. Beyoncé is on maternity leave and can't take any more of your money.
13. Patreon is super easy to join.
14. Patron levels start at only $1 per month.
15. You have $1.
16. You like Lieder.
17. You like Schubert.
18. You identify with the Wanderer of Winterreise (heaven help you).
19. You really like the word "Singerreise." Say it with me: "Singerreise!"
20. The lives of opera singers fascinate you.
21. You want to know how to be a successful singer.
22. You don't have to give up Starbucks.
23. You want to see how many styles of facial hair I can grow in a year.
24. You like my quirky style of presentation.
25. You or your student is studying something from Winterreise right now!
26. You are fascinated with how big my eyes can get.
27. Singerreise's videos need a producer.
28. Singerreise needs a promoter.
29. Interviews would be better with lapel mics.
30. You want to see lots of people in these videos, and not just me.
31. You want to see Singerreise start a concert series.
32. You want to reach for the stars and build a performing space.
33. Revenue from YouTube ads is a joke.
34. Google banner ads are soo last decade (and ugly).
35. To get others to become patrons.
36. I sing pretty.
37. Bass voices make you swoon.
38. Patreon's Ad-free videos have 71% less nagging.
39. Singers need better resources.
40. Students of singing need practical skills.
41. Teachers of singing need quality videos to show to their students.
42. You like Italian food (meaning, everybody).
43. You like the guests that appear for interviews.
44. You want to be a featured guest on Singerreise.
45. You want to see Seattle's music scene thrive.
46. When watching a video, you once said to yourself, "Hey, this is kinda cool!"
47. When watching a video, you once said to yourself, "This is soo important!"
48. Singerreise's videos are informative!
49. Singerreise's videos are indispensable!
50. It's cheaper than adding ESPN to your cable bill.
51. You just have to find out how Winterriese ends.
52. You meant to do it and needed a reminder. (This is it!)
53. You are a music nerd.
54. You are a music snob.
55. You're an average Joe (or Jane).
56. Singerreise is a vital part of the Seattle community.
57. Singerreise promotes local artists and organizations.
58. I amuse you.
59. You have a generous heart.
60. I asked you to.
61. Bragging rights.
62. To look smart.
63. You can't get enough Singerreise swag!
64. Patrons supported Mozart and Beethoven.
65. Art for patrons is made with Love.
66. Artists with Patrons feel loved (and they make better art).
67. Patreon has minimal fees compared to the competition.
68. Patreon's per-month format provides stability to artists.
69. Artists' wives do not like feast-or-famine incomes.
70. Just like you, I need to feed my family through my work.
71. Music IS my day job.
72. I would make a poor car salesman.
73. You are a millionaire. Or you are not a millionaire.
74. You have a title. Like Baron, Princess, The Honorable, or O Manly Man.
75. You are a Champion of Classical Music.
76. You are addicted to YouTube.
77. You own a pair of shoes. If you don't, then you're off the hook.
78. You are reading this right now!
79. The cost of living in Seattle is outpacing artists' incomes.
80. We want to keep artists in Seattle.
81. You are interested in my career.
82. You're in the Jonathan's Beard Fan Club.
83. You're in the Jonathan's Moustache Fan Club.
84. You're a pogonophile. Like me.
85. It's hip.
86. It IS a popularity contest. And you would win.
87. Everyone else is doing it.
88. Webinars. YeeeaaAAHHH!
89. Hard drives can only hold so much HD video.
90. Singerreise needs better advertising.
91. Singerreise needs an art director.
92. Imagine. 4K.
93. You want to see Singerreise do livestreaming.
94. Videos with polish.
95. Videos IN Polish. #notreally
96. You #facepalm every time you see my choice of wardrobe.
97. You want to be able to say, "I was there when ..."
98. You believe in paying for what you consume.
99. It's the right thing to do.

If you have more reasons that someone should join Singereise at Patreon, or why YOU joined Singerreise at Patreon, then, by all means, add yours below!

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