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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Episode 51 - Singer Interview: Sarah Mattox

On the Singerreise Video Podcast, I have another Singer Interview! Today's interview is with Sarah Mattox, whom I've known for about ten years. We've done several projects together, most recently performing together in Madama Butterfly at Seattle Opera, and also a Carmen with Pacific Northwest Opera.

She's a fabulous mezzo-soprano, but also a composer. In the interview, we talk about her TangleTown Trio, her opera Heart Mountain, and why we do the work we do.

You can find out more about Sarah at sarahmattox.com.

Also, the interview itself is a short 45 minutes long, but that was after 25-30 minutes of entertaining anecdotes were removed. These are some of my most favorite parts of the interview, and rather than leave them in oblivion, I am including them as Deleted Scenes for patrons at patreon.com/singerreise.

These extra scenes are must see! So definitely go to patreon.com/singerreise and check them out!

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