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Friday, September 22, 2017

Episode 51's Deleted Scenes, #1 - #9

About half of the Deleted Scenes for the Sarah Mattox interview (Episode 51) have been posted to https://patreon.com/singerreise. Here's some of the things that are included in it!

Deleted Scene #1: The Pre-Show

I got the camera started, and the hijinks were underway. We discussed the intention of the upcoming interview, the tone, and my cat's contribution as "cute tax."

Deleted Scene #2: U.W. Name-Dropping

Since we both had gone to the University of Washington, I wanted to know who had been teaching while Sarah was there.

Deleted Scene #3: The Paw of Possession

While talking about Sarah's time at the University of Washington, my cat Rogue decided to make sure that he remained the center of attention.

Deleted Scene #4: Julian Patrick as Sam

The name dropping from U.W. continued, but we diverted to talking about Julian Patrick's portrayal of Sam in Trouble in Tahiti.

Deleted Scene #5: Lessons with Julian

The lesson of "just sing" that I learned from Julian Patrick wasn't right for everyone. Sarah and I discuss some of the difficulties that would sometimes arise.

Deleted Scene #7: Erich Parce's Hats

In discussing our previous voice teachers, I had a ten-year-old recollection about Erich Parce.

Deleted Scene #8: Carmen and Politics

Singers tend to mark significant events in their lives by what opera they were working on at the time. In this scene, we discuss the political upheaval that began during a recent production of Carmen.

Excerpted Scene #9: Memorable

During our interview, I asked Sarah what one of her most memorable experiences was as a performer. She had an amazing answer ready.

Scene #9 is an excerpt from the main episode, and is available to everyone. The only way to see these other scenes is to be a $7+ patron at https://patreon.com/singerreise. That's only $1 per video! And that's before you include nearly 100 other videos and audio you gain access to the moment that you sign up!

Over the next few days, I'll be adding another nine deleted scenes, full of anecdotes, examples, tangents and more that did not fit into the interview. So stay tuned!

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