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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Episode 55, Deleted Scenes 1-8 on Patreon

No new posts this week, but instead I've been working on some of the bonuses for patrons at patreon.com/singerreise.

Here's what's there so far:

Deleted Scene #1: Singing Handel

As Mike and I were talking about breath control, Mike mentioned how he's been working on a monstrous Handel aria.

NOTE: This Deleted Scene is available for patrons and non-patrons alike! Check it out!


Deleted Scene #2: Combo Bass Roles

Mike and I were talking about how there's a few recurring character roles among basses. I go on a tangent on an opera where there's a couple of combo-roles.

Deleted Scene #3: The Despicable Don Giovanni

One of Mike's talents is portraying unsavory characters. In this clip, we talk about the iconic Bad Boy, Don Giovanni.

Deleted Scene #4: Naturally Evil?

Another great villain that Mike could get into is Sweeney Todd. This begs the question, is Mike inherently evil?

Deleted Scene #5: It's not the size that counts

In discussing whether or not Mike specializes in a certain kind of repertoire, he mentions that a specialization might not matter at this point.

Deleted Scene #6: Not everyone can be Mozart

Not everyone is Mozart. Mike and I discuss singing another classical era great, Beethoven.

Deleted Scene #7: Susannah and Blitch

Operamuse also performed the opera Susannah in its first season. Mike talks about its relevance to today's audiences, and its despicable Olin Blitch.

Deleted Scene #8: Sump Pump Outtake

We were just about to get into a discussion of the kinds of roles sopranos and tenors typically have, but then the alarm for the pump decided to go off.

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