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Friday, November 17, 2017

Episode 55 - Deleted Scenes #9-24

I churned out a whopping 16 more videos today, bringing the Deleted Scenes count to 24. There's still another 8 more to do.

They can all be seen (by patrons) at https://www.patreon.com/posts/15431159

Here's the list of today's videos:
Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #9: Sopranos and Tenors
In talking about what we do as basses and baritones, Mike and I also explored what kinds of roles the higher voice types sing.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #10: The Shady Side of Tinder
Mike had a second favorite moment in his Tinder recital. Here, he talks about the aria "Ombra mai fu," and the shadier sides of our society.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #11: Too Good at Karaoke
Besides recitals, opera, and church, Mike also enjoys singing karaoke. And he has his favorites.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #12: A "Legit" Singer
Mike talked about his singing of jazz. This reminded me of some of the more classical varieties of musical theater.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #13: Singer Online
Figuring out how to promote oneself is tricky. Mike and I go over some of the necessary evils required to keep things going.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #14: Local Singer
I ask Mike if being a managed singer was something that he would be interested in. We compare that lifestyle to that of being a local singer.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #15: Digital Courage
In our conversation about seeking out opposing views, Mike goes on to talk about "digital courage" and "confirmation bias."

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #16: How opera is like real estate
Describing how Operamuse helps its audiences identify with opera music reminded me of buying and selling our house couple years ago.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #17: Audience Math
In trying to figure out how to make opera more intimate, Mike and I have a go at figuring out how to balance the size of an audience with the size of the theater and the number of performances.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #18: Audience Work, Take 2
I yet again try to wrap my head around the concept of reducing the work of an audience's imagination, and make even less sense than before. I'm not sure why I bothered saving this clip.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #19: Never Magic Flute
There are some operas that do not lend themselves well to being performed inside a house. Mike mentions one opera that isn't on his to-do list.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #20: BDSM and Real Housewives
I had asked what was coming up for Operamuse. In addition to La Bohème, which was in production while this was filmed, and a gala concert, two more curious productions were mentioned.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #21: The Standard for Boring
Operamuse performs shortened versions of operas. Mike tells us part of how he decides what to cut out.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #22: Odious Singer Translations
Mike and I share a pet peeve: "singable translations." In our discussion about creating new translations for Operamuse, we discuss this particular abomination.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #23: Is Operamuse a Company?
Sometimes questions just distract from what is important. Operamuse's mission and getting people to see its production of La Bohème was important. Operamuse's status as a company (or not) wasn't. But I asked.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #24: Titles
I attempted to ask if Mike was leaning a certain direction from among his many current responsibilities with Operamuse. This was one of the earlier attempts.

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