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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Welcome to the very first Singerreise blog post!

The purpose of this blog is to support and enrich the Singerreise video series. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the video channel here. The video series is meant to be the main focus, but perhaps there are some folks who prefer to read posts instead of watching videos. I confess, I am actually one of them!

At times, this blog will be a sort of repetition of the information in the videos. More often, though, this blog will get into more detail than I can do in a few sound bytes and frames. And I can cover an even wider variety of topics in this medium. Who knows? I may find that I am more at home writing these blogs than I am doing the videos. Perhaps in a written style I can actually be more conversational. Perhaps this will be a more unfiltered musing than I can achieve in a single broadcast. We shall see!

One of the objectives in Singerreise is to start some dialogue around the topics of art song, the business of singing, pedagogy, and so on. If you prefer offering your comments on a blog post more than YouTube comments, then you've found a home here. Let me know you're listening by leaving a comment below!

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