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Entertain, Educate, Encourage

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Singerreise's Mission

It feels like it was just yesterday that Singerreise was launched! Now, there's nearly two months underfoot, over a dozen videos, and about two dozen articles. How'd that happen?

Even still, I feel like Singerreise is still in its infancy. I'm constantly evaluating and re-evaluating what precisely this project is, and where it is going.

Today, three words came to mind that sort of encapsulate what I'm trying to accomplish. In every video and every article that I write, in all the hours that I'm spending filming and editing, in every time I bring up the project in conversations, this is what I'm trying to accomplish:




Yeah - that about sums it up. These three words are in my bones, in my D.N.A., and so, by extension, they are at the heart of Singerreise, too.

Let's have a crack at a mission statement, then:

"To entertain, educate, and encourage singers and lovers of singing."

This is the most concise, most clear that I have been able to communicate about Singerreise. Most of the time, I use too many words, and that gets in the way (like right now).

I'll unpack just a little, though:

Entertain - In all the content I am producing, I keep the tone light and accessible, meeting you (and everyone) where you are. They are gifting me with their valuable time, so I do my best to amuse them. Live performances of Winterreise contribute to this - it is beautiful music, and if I can bring into your day a few minutes of beauty, then I have given you something valuable in return.

Educate - I have teacher bones (my wife says I even have a teacher "voice"). I love helping people get that "aha" moment. Looking deeper into classical music, especially, grants this reward. But I also teach people to sing. And I teach about living, and about life. Sometimes it's more of a how-to, but more than that I love the question of "why?" If you look at life differently because of something I've put out there, there, too, I have provided you value.

Encourage - Let's face it, life is tough. A singer's life is no exception. I want to be that voice that says "Go for it!" Try it! Get out and do something. Failure is NOT to be feared. Make a difference. Seek out meaning and art. Create! Be beautiful! In the content that I create, I will live this out in front of everyone. With all my quirks, warts, and deficiencies, I will make music and try to reach people. I try to start discussions, so that others can chime in and speak life into each other. I offer community and support.

Winterreise, as wonderful and as large as it is, is merely a vehicle for this much larger mission. And this mission is just getting started! There's so much more to do and learn.

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