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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Facebook Photo Album

Singerreise has a four-pronged approached to connecting with people and getting the word out:

The Singerreise YouTube Channel – New videos are released once or twice each week.  Subscribe with a google or YouTube account to receive notice when new videos are released, and chime in with you own comments.

Singerreise.com – Articles are published about twice each week.  Subscribe to the mailing list and receive the articles by email, or read on the site itself and join the conversation by adding your own comments and thoughts.

Facebook.com/Singerreise – Stay up to date as articles and videos are posted by “liking” the page.  Join a community of music lovers and other singers and post your own comments as we go. Share the videos with your friends!

Patreon.com/Singerreise – Support Singerreise by becoming a patron. With a few dollars every month, you get exclusive, patron-only rewards, like extra videos and audio. Your support is greatly needed and much appreciated!

Check out any and all of these! (Especially Patreon - that one is so important to keeping this thing going!)

Often, an article on Singerreise.com becomes a video on YouTube, which is then announced on facebook, with special versions being made for patrons at Patreon. That's the way it is for Rast, released earlier today. However, today I also published a whole bunch of photos from the videos as a facebook photo album, and announcing it here at Singerreise.com. Anyway, go and check them out!

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