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Friday, March 24, 2017

Why you need to check out Patreon (030)

Perhaps you've heard me mention Patreon?


The Patreon side of Singerreise is extremely important. Through Patreon, you can become a "patron" of Singerreise, providing some of the funds necessary to keep it running. Patron levels start at just $1 per month, so this is something anyone can do.

Here's the thing, though. When I say this is something anyone can do, I am talking about you!

Yes, you.

I'm not talking about some mystical billionaire, I'm talking about you. No matter what your background or income level, you can be a patron of Singerreise.

This has become especially important in recent weeks. With the National Endowment for the Arts again on the chopping block, there's going to be fewer and fewer places for singers to earn their living. Instead, we are moving to a time where those who love singers' music will be the only ones left to finance the art they consume.

Singerreise is an important part of how I earn a living as a professional singer. And I'm pretty heavily invested in it. I talk about Singerreise wherever I go to anyone who will listen. I'm risking my professional reputation every week by being honest on camera with you. I'm promoting, performing, filming, editing, and writing. In time alone, I'm investing somewhere around 20-30 hours a week in making Singerreise happen! That's essentially time that I could be spending earning an income doing something else.

Besides time, there's also equipment that needs upgrading, hard drives that need purchasing, web servers, domains, email services, professional services, advertising, and so on. So far, I've absorbed most of the costs myself, and I do all I can to keep costs at a minimum.

But I can't do it on my own forever. I need your help. Head to Patreon.com/singerreise, and hit that "Become a Patron" button.


You can pick the patron level you want, whether it is $1 per month or $7 or more. You can even quit after the first month if you decide you don't like it.

With your patronage, I can do things like upgrade my equipment so you get better videos. I could get a professional-looking website instead of using blogger. I can pay professional musicians and start hosting live Singerreise events (and even stream them!). Further down the line, I could even hire some part-time or even full-time staff and really get the business rolling to some exciting things.

At Patreon, you can browse these goals. They're listed on the left side of the patreon page. You'll see exactly what your money is helping me to do. I have some big plans in store for Singerreise (I really mean BIG) - things that can only be accomplished by an investment on your part.

Of course, you'll be amply rewarded with patron-exclusives when you become a patron. You could watch videos without those annoying Google ads. You could watch a playlist of music videos. You could automatically download music (including now half of Winterreise and counting!) as mp3 files, straight to your smartphone. The rewards are listed on the right side of the patreon page.

These rewards are simply a way for me to say "Thank you!" for supporting the Singerreise mission. When you open your wallet, it tells me that you believe in what I am trying to accomplish with Singerreise, and you want to be a part of getting me there.

I'll keep doing my part, but it's up to you to keep Singerreise going. If you value what I'm trying to accomplish with Singerreise, then you need to invest in it. Without your help, Singerreise will not be there for the next generation of singers and singing enthusiasts. But with your help, we can do some amazing things together.

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