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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Next up for Singerreise

Most of the week has been devoted to getting Magic Flute up and running - but there is more Singerreise to come!

Here's what's in the works:

  • Seven Tips for Singer Taxes #3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Number 3 is already filmed and needs editing. The others are written up for the next moment our music room isn't being used for teaching and rehearsals.
  • Zueignung - a piece by Richard Strauss. The intro is filmed, but the piece itself needs to be recorded.
  • Arias from Magic Flute - I've been doing them since high school. Now's a good time to bring them out!
  • Clips from Don Giovanni at PNWO - I have the footage from one of the performances. Just needs editing time.
  • More interviews!
  • More Winterreise - The last Winterreise video was back in January - how'd that happen? But I'll be picking it up again soon with #13 Die Post, which is on the long side, is wordy, and has a difficult piano part. #14-18, on the other hand, were learned back in January, so once I get 13 on the books, the others shouldn't be too bad.
  • Sheet Music Manifesto - I have standards for sheet music, which I have put into a PDF document. An episode is on the docket to present a few key pieces from it.
  • A Singerreise store? With the Alt-Codes charts and the Sheet Music Manifesto, I have a couple things that I could sell in a store. Hopefully that'll get up and running very soon.
In the way, of course, are a few things:
  • Hell Week at Seattle Opera - The opera opens on Saturday. That should mean things start opening up for a couple weeks, meaning potentially more consistent episodes!
  • #99Reasons - These 12-15 second videos take a lot of time to produce! They aren't counted among the official "Episodes," but they have been taking a lot of time, especially in the editing and scheduling. I've been doing them in clumps, and the last week or two has been one of those clumps. By the end of today, I'll have completed up through Reason 52 (today was 27), which takes me out to late May.
  • Travel - I'm heading to Asia at the end of the month. This'll probably mean a gap in the content.
Besides the #99Reasons, there probably won't be a new video by the end of today. Later this week, though, I should be able to get Episode 36 up and running!

Speaking of #99Reasons - these have been a ton of fun. I try to get some sort of effect into each one, to keep them light-hearted and entertaining. (Entertain, Educate, Encourage is the mission, right?) It's worth a watch, so see them all through this YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh5h-IgfqC-XxVhMNJYaskedtcmnY0kyv

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