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Monday, August 14, 2017

Singer Interview - Marlon Trigg (048)

Two weeks have gone by, but I have definitely been busy! I've been performing in Seattle Opera's Madama Butterfly, with another 3 more performances to go. Meanwhile, I've been chipping away, hour by precious hour (I've sunk probably 20 hours into it), at another interview!

In the current Episode (number 48) of the podcast, I talk to Marlon Trigg. Marlon is a tenor, based here in the Seattle area. Music has been a major part of his life for decades, and he's developed a love for African-American spirituals. Having just performed a spiritual for Singerreise, I wanted to talk with him and get another perspective on the topic.

What resulted was a fantastic, affirmative discussion about the origin, nature, and performance of spirituals. It is perhaps one of the most important interviews I've done to date.

And you should see it. Enjoy!

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