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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Why we're looking Winterreise

In the next episode of the podcast, we'll be taking a look at the next song in the Winterreise cycle. But if you're new to the Singerreise series, you may be wondering why I've made all these videos about Schubert's Winterreise.

Perhaps your first video was my recent interview with Marlon Trigg, or the one where I talked about and sang the spiritual Deep River. Those two have been very popular, so I highly recommend them if you haven't seen them yet.

But now, I'm doing yet another video about a song in Winterreise. And you may be asking, why? In the final days of summer, why do a video about winter?

The answer is partly related to the origins of Singerreise itself. Singerreise started when I began learning Winterreise for a concert. That's partly where I got the name "Singerreise" itself. Winterreise is a Winter-Journey, and thus Singerreise is a Singer-Journey.

"Singer-Journey" really captures the essence of what is going on in Singerreise. Singerreise is about my journey as a working opera singer, as well as the journey of many other singers.

Often that means I get to do interviews to profile the many kinds of singers out there. We get to take a peek into their lives and find out what makes them tick. And I'll definitely be doing more interviews in the coming weeks.

But in other videos, I might present a piece of music, something that I happen to be working on, like the songs in Winterreise. In these kinds of videos, I'm showing you what I learn about each piece as I, myself, am learning it.

By seeing the action behind-the-scenes, you gain some insight into how you could think about and learn music yourself. Or, if you ever find yourself working on that specific song, the video might give you a starting point on how to approach it.

I am a teacher at heart. So it's my desire that you will not only be entertained by these videos, but that you'll also learn something. You might even be encouraged to try something new!

The songs in Winterreise are simply a vehicle for the discussion. They are a beginning - a beginning that will likely take me the better part of a year to accomplish fully.

But talking about Winterreise's songs is a start, an example. From here we can talk about texts of songs, their interpretation, style, composition, history, context - so many things!

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