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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Episode 55 - Deleted Scenes #25-32

And for today - Deleted Scenes #25-32! All are available at https://www.patreon.com/posts/episode-55-25-32-15440898. Here's the lineup.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #25: At Opera Coeur d'Alene
Mike and I began a conversation about his time at Opera Coeur d'Alene, studying under the "stage creature" Aaron Nicholson. It was a little intimidating.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #26: Frustrating Direction
We had begun a conversation about directing styles that can be frustrating. Mike gives an example.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #27: Alternative Settings
Looking at upcoming projects for Operamuse, the BDSM Il segreto di Susanna came up again. This time, Mike talks about the new space that it will be performed in and how they will use it.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #28: Massivemuse in Seattle
As we were discussing the upcoming, alternative spaces that Operamuse will be using in the near future, Mike also mentioned meeting the Groupmuse leadership and planning something called a Massivemuse.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #29: Trees, Carmen, Slut-shaming
Yet another space that Operamuse intends to use is outdoors. This led to a discussion about the upcoming summer production of Carmen, which, of course, also has a modern twist.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #30: Recurring Singers
Trying to get a sense of Operamuse's future, I asked Mike if Opermuse reused its singers.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #31: Fulfilling Operamuse's Mission
Mike had just mentioned an encounter he had with a self-proclaimed opera purist, who approved of what Operamuse was doing. I take a moment to connect that to a part of Operamuse's mission, as we had talked about earlier.

Episode 55 - Deleted Scene #32: Mike Heitmann on YouTube
We were going over the various ways to keep in touch with what Mike was doing, and I asked whether he had a presence on YouTube. He did have a couple of old videos to talk about.

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