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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Singerreise 5-Star Reviews (056)

Today is the launch of an entirely new venture for Singerreise - the Singerreise 5-Star Review! Let me explain:

While Sarah and I were on a walk earlier this week, we were discussing this weekend's performance of La Bohème at Operamuse. Sarah came up with a great idea for Singerreise - why not go to the performance itself and do a review of it afterward?

For whatever reason, I had never considered writing reviews before. Perhaps it's because I attend far fewer performances than I should.

But once the idea of doing reviews was mentioned, the question became, why not? I'm pretty good with words, I know the material, and, more importantly, I've been in the same shoes as the performers. Few reviewers can say that.

There might be a slight complication in ethics, though. As a performer who routinely is hired by the various local companies, writing reviews of what they are doing may pose a conflict of interest.

Could what I say in a review affect my hireability in the future? Would I even be capable of a non-biased review?

I tossed this around for a couple days, and I think I found a solution.

First, in reviewing performances and productions, I will focus solely on positives, no negatives. That way, no company would fear that I would say anything about them that wasn't supportive.

More importantly, though, this would be part of Singerreise's Mission, to Entertain, Educate, and particularly that third word, Encourage. Through my reviews, I can support my colleagues in the industry and the companies that hire them.

I do, of course, need to be helpful to my audience as well. So you all can trust that, even though I will only have positive reviews, every bit of the reviews will be true, no stretching the truth, no fabrications.

And in the rare instance that I can't find 5 good things to say, then there simply won't be a review.

As for the subject of bias, that's easy. I will at no point pretend that I am unbiased. I will embrace my singer bias and my positive bias, and not apologize for wanting to help people.

There is also an issue of time. In order to do the reviews, I need a quicker turn-around time, so that people can see the review and be encouraged to go to more performances. My usual format for Singerreise Video Podcast Episodes wouldn't work here. It just takes too long to put those Episodes together.

And that leads us to the Singerreise 5-Star Reviews! Basically, when I go to a performance, I'll simply find five of my favorite things, and let you all know what they are. Easy! Five short positives, and every review gets five stars.

So without further ado - click here for the link to my first 5-Star Review!

… …

How'd you like it? Now, I really could have talked a couple hours about each cast member, about each scene, and so on, but, for this format, I wanted to keep it short. Unlike this sprawling article ...

The point for the review, however, is to encourage people to go and discover - not to be a substitute for the performance. So if you want to see the rest of how good it was, you'll just have to go!

If you enjoyed the review, let me know, either in the comment below here or in YouTube or Facebook! And if Operamuse sounds like fun, make sure to get your reservation for that final performance in Fremont. You can find them on facebook and at groupmuse.com.

Thanks for reading!

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