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Thursday, December 28, 2017

End Year Updates

There's no new Episode for this in-between week, but I do have a couple of announcements:

First: Singerreise's Patreon patronage reached a new mileage on Christmas Eve! We're now up to $178 per month, blowing past the $150 milestone! This means that I can finally seek out professional help and get the website revamped, a crucial step towards building that online store! Major shout outs to the patrons who increased their patron levels to make it happen!
The next milestone is $250 per month, where this happens: "All current patrons, of all levels, are considered "Founders," and enshrined as such on a dedicated page of the website. Personal, handwritten cards are sent to each."
It may not sound like much, but it's a huge milestone to get that kind of support. At that level, it starts to feel real. You can, of course, help reach that goal (and the many thereafter) by becoming a patron yourself here on Patreon. Just click the link - it's right over there! (And thanks again to all those who are already supporting Singerreise.)
Second: Christmas brought some new gear for Singerreise! It's yet to be fully tested, and I'll talk about it in a bit, but I'm pretty excited to try it out.
Third: Tomorrow, I'll be having a conversation with Nancy Bos for her Every Sing Podcast. I'll let you all know when it airs, but you can start listening in on her previous episodes at http://nancybos.net/podcast/

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