Welcome to the official Singerreise webpage! Join in the discussion as we talk about the life of an opera singer, and as we learn about Schubert's masterpiece Winterreise.

Entertain, Educate, Encourage

About Singerreise

Singerreise was launched on October 27th, 2016 with its first Episode, featuring a bearded Jonathan Silvia, the founder, creator, and host. Its initial impetus was a performance of the work Winterreise, by Franz Schubert, some ten weeks thereafter. Through the videos, Jonathan would teach and sing the songs from Winterreise as he learned them.

Right from the beginning, however, Singerreise was more than one piece of music, even as large a piece as Winterreise. At its inception, Singerreise is about the "Singer-Journey."

Singerreise is a unique look into the life of a working opera singer.

Through Singerreise, Jonathan takes us into his own singing life, showing all aspects, from the skills that he uses day-to-day, to how he prepares his music.

Singerreise's mission is to:
Entertain, Educate, and Encourage
singers, students of singing, and those who love singing
through videos, articles, resources, and community.

The main feature of Singerreise is the Singerreise Video Podcast, a channel on YouTube. Here, new episodes are released regularly, as often as twice per week. Most are filmed from Jonathan's own music studio.

At Singerreise.com, articles are released regularly, in a quasi-blog format. There are also links to resources.

There is also a Singerreise Facebook Page, where new videos are announced. It also provides a platform for social interaction and sharing. Singerreise can also be found on Twitter, using the username @Singerreise.

Finally, there's the Singerreise Patreon Page. Patreon is the primary source of funding that keeps Singerreise running. "Patrons" contribute monthly towards the many expenses that Singerreise generates. In return, they receive patron-exclusive benefits, like bonus media.

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