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  • The International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) - The first stop for any singer to find free scores. These will be scans of OLD music, however, music that has gone out of copyright. Most of it will be from the early 1900s and before. Quality can be an issue, and modern scores are often better.
  • Amazon - The second stop, when you want to buy a book and get free shipping.
  • SheetMusicPlus - Lots of great vocal scores for good prices. Buying a physical score will take longer than Amazon, generally. A great feature is being able to buy single songs digitally and then printing them out at your computer. You can often transpose the piece before printing, too. They have a great stock of classical music, including opera scores.
  • SheetMusicDirect - Similar to SheetMusicPlus. More "pop" selections.
  • MusicNotes - A digital-only service. You can find good buys here, but many of them are not very professional. There's certainly a wide selection, though.

Sources for texts:

As with any translation, if you wish to use a text or translation as program notes or posted somewhere, make sure you have the appropriate permissions to do so. Otherwise, you may be breaking copyright laws.
  • The LiederNet Archive - Find texts and translations for a bazillion art songs. Formerly, this was hosted at recmusic.org.
  • The Aria Database - Find texts and translations for a bazillion opera arias. This website also gives handy pieces of information like the range of the aria.

Translation Tools:

Remember to do your own translations and not to rely overly much on these tools.
  • Bing Translate - Tons of great tools packed into an easy to use interface. Get alternative translations per word, based one part of speech.
  • Google Translate - Nearly identical to Bing. Bing has a slight upper hand on accuracy, though.
  • Beolingus - Another tool, mostly for German, recommended by a reader!
  • Wordreference.com - Another web-based tool that seems to mix in resources from established printed dictionaries. Recommended by a reader!

Pronunciation Tools:

Here are a few websites to help with working with pronunciation.
  • IPA Keyboard - Includes IPA charts, and a handy feature where if you click a symbol, it is "printed" in a window that can be copied and pasted elsewhere.
  • The Diction Domain - Includes guides on the sounds of the main languages.
  • Diction Police - Diction coaching, but also a bunch of handy videos, including the entirety of Winterreise and Die Schöne Müllerin. Check out their facebook page, too!

Professional Resources:

  • Cindy Sadler's The Business of Singing and her Resources for Singers - An incredible success story from the opera world, Cindy Sadler trains and coaches singers on business. Her exhaustive resources are pretty amazing (and a new one is on its way).
  • Susan Eichhorn Young's Artists for Artists newsletter: A periodic newsletter by email with singers' resources. Click here to subscribe!

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